"For A Better Planet"

About Nuvida

Nuvida is located in Central New Jersey, in a recently purchased, fully renovated 141,000 sq. ft. facility on 31 acres of land.  

Nuvida is one of the largest recyclers of post industrial plastics in the U.S.  We are also one of only a few recyclers with the ability to solid state resin to customize a pellet to your particular needs.

We specialize in processing post industrial plastics into high quality recycled pellets that can be used in place of virgin materials, in some applications up to 100%.

Our processes include, grinding, shredding, densifying, pelletizing and solid stating. We have a complete Quality Lab along with an extensive Research and Development Lab where we can identify IV, Melt Flows, and density to meet your specifications.

As a full service recycling partner, we purchase a wide range of plastics and offer efficient closed loop recycling programs.