Reduce plastic’s impact on the planet by transforming plastic waste into the highest quality recycled resins, enabling our customers to achieve their environmental and sustainability goals.

Nuvida Plastics Headquarters

Recycled Plastic Testing & Quality Control


  • Stringent incoming quality inspection of 100% of raw material receipts
  • Box labeling for inventory management in SAP and lot traceability in QMS database
  • State-of-the-art quality lab with comprehensive testing capability
  • Complete lot traceability from finished good back to source of supply
  • HACCP programs for food-grade materials

Nuvida manufactures an FDA-approved food contact 100% PCR resin - find the Letter of No Objection for here.

Additionally, we offer 100% certified Post Consumer Recycled non-food grade pellets.

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One of the world's leading processors and suppliers of food-grade recycled plastic resins. Serving the plastics industry and our planet.


Founded in 2012, Nuvida has quickly become one of the leading recyclers of post-consumer resins and keeps over 600 million containers out of landfills on an annual basis.

We’ve since introduced a proprietary cleaning process which thoroughly and efficiently removes all contaminants including stubborn chemical residues from polyolefin plastics, and our recycling process passed the FDA’s highly exaggerated challenge testing protocol to prove that our resins are safe for use in food contact with all types of foods.

We proudly belong to the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) - you can find out more here.


Recycled Plastic for Food & Beverage

Recycled Plastic for Home & Garden

Recycled Plastic for Personal Care

Recycled Plastic for Automotive

Recycled Plastic for Healthcare


Nuvida has developed unique and proprietary production processes, enabling us to customize recycled resins to meet specific applications:

Compounding    Densifying    Deodorizing    Decontaminating

Extrusion        Grinding        Pelletizing


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Nuvida Recycled Plastics are FDA Compliant